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Leonard Guerrero known as Spinnertop. I am 31 years old born and raised in San Antonio. I have been tattooing since early 2007. I’m a all around artist, I paint with acrylic airbrush, spray paint as well, my style has a lot to do with my graffiti background.

Art just inspires me so if you’re looking for a great unique custom piece, I’m your artists. I’ve learned from the best and I also work with the best. If you have any idea on what you are looking to get, I will sit down with you and work something out for you. The tattoo will be unique, and also will be something no one has.

I’ve come a long way in doing what I love to do, it’s my passion and also the career ive chosen. In the career that I have chosen is being there for each other and everyone to be able to satisfy their needs in tattooing. Tattooing is one of my obsessions that I admire Within Myself my admiration with my career will take me and you to the extreme.

Let me be the one to fulfill your expectations I know if you and I will experience the same devotion on our field in tattooing it all takes all of us to the limits. Experience is the factor of our careers and will for take all of us to the limits.

“We are Firme Copias and the Empire will rise”


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