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portrait tattoo san antonioOur skilled tattoo artists are experienced in tattooing beautiful portraits with life-like features. We take pride in transforming a portrait into a piece of fine art for your skin.

Portraits tattoos can be taken directly from photos, which should be of good quality and large enough to clearly see the details. We recommend that it is reasonable size so that we are able to get the most details possible.

It is a good idea to bring more than one image with you if possible as it really makes interpreting facial structure easier for the artist.

A majority of portrait tattoos are memorials to loved ones or pets who may have passed away, in which case the process of actually getting the tattoo can be very emotional so it is crucial that your have a professional portrait tattoo artist do your work.

Whether your looking to get a small flower or an entire body suit tattoo, choosing the right artist for a tattoo is one of the biggest decisions a person has to make, because it is permanent.

Our professional portrait tattoo artists believe that a tattoo is not only about the artwork but the entire experience of getting a tattoo.

If you are looking for a memory that will last as long as the tattoo itself, we are the studio for you. We invite you to visit our gallery to preview some of our work.

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